About Me

I work between disciplines, specializing in invention, concept development, and prototype building. My training is in design but I am completely at home with most engineering tasks. I enjoy finding graceful solutions to functional problems as much as I love creating beautiful objects. Deep research is the foundation of my process and I strive to reconcile the needs of an individual customer with the wonts of a market.

Much of my professional life has been spent behind the doors of R&D departments and developing early-stage concepts for independent clients, though I've also worked in design agencies. I've worked on projects centered around consumer products, medical devices, digital systems, websites, furniture, and tableware. I've also taught degree-seeking college students.

I am obsessed with systems, as things to define and things to build. I love to write code. I also correct poor grammar, which I'm told can at times be a character flaw. I like to think of myself as having a square-shaped skill set, but in all honesty it's probably more of a trapezoid, albeit an ever-expanding one.

Past Work